Geauga County continues to see the effects of parents addicted to Heroin and other seriously addictive substances. Challenges such as job insecurity, divorce, abuse and neglect are threatening family stability in ways unparalleled in recent years. Children in these homes are affected emotionally, socially, academically and physically.  Record numbers of children must be removed from their homes because of the debilitating nature of opiate / heroin addiction. The statistics are staggering and unfortunate.

Hope for Kids Geauga needs your help to make a positive impact on the innocent children whose lives have been touched by great difficulty. Childhood has given way to survival without the experiences and opportunities that help a child develop normally. Summer camp, tutoring, music lessons, swim lessons and more are only distant dreams for many children in our community. We are committed to reaching out to give hope to kids tomorrow, who are unable to see beyond hurt and fear today.

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Last Modified: May 21, 2017